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Groups are a way for the players of Moomin Move to play together with friends and others. a Group can contain 25 members and have one leader. Leaders can edit the group’s settings and remove players from the group. Groups are found in the Social page found in the bottom right corner of the game. Once the player has joined any group, the menu will contain 4 sections: Quests, Chat, Search, and Top Groups.


The quests page has all the quests you can complete together with your group. These are different from your personal quests found from their own quests menu next to inventory.

The Group quests are formed from 16 quests. everyone in the group gets a reward if all of the group quests are completed in time. Quests are completed together and the one, who has either contributed most to the quest or was the first to contribute, will be displayed as the top contributor. The Group members have 1 week to complete one set of quests. If the group can complete all quests before the deadline will the group level go up and a new set of quests appear. If the group can’t complete all the quests in time, will the group level decrease and new set of quests appear.

The Group level is tied to the difficulty of the quests and to the final reward received after completing the set of quests. If the group level is low will the group get most likely a four-star unique item If the group level is higher, then it is highly likely to get a five-star mysterious item as a reward.


Chat is where you can talk with your group members. Everyone is free to talk with each other but curse words be filtered out. If there are problems with the curse word system, you can report them via the feedback found in the game settings menu. Under 13-year-old players are not able to send and write messages, but can still request items.


Here you can search for other groups.

Top groups

Here are listed all the top groups in the game. By increasing the group level, as described before, can you try to claim the top spot on the list.

Group information

Information about your group can be accessed by pressing the I button on top of the Social page. Here you can see all your group members listed and by pressing them, will you see when they were last online and you can also mute them if you do not want to hear their chatting. The Group Leader has the power to kick out members from the group. They usually do this if group members have not been active for a long time, so more active players can take their place.



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