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What can you use coins for?

You can spend your coins when you are meeting Moomin Characters and you are missing items that are required in the quest.
When the “Give now” button is yellow, it means that you are missing some items and that you can pay coins to the postman, who will deliver the missing items to you.
You can also unlock daily missions, buy new profile icons, increase a character’s element power, and lighting up campfires with coins.

How to get coins?

There are many ways of getting coins. The easiest way is to sell unused items.
The amount of coins you receive depends on the rarity of the item:

  • Mysterious(5 stars) 50 coins
  • Unique(4 stars) 10 coins
  • Rare(3 stars) 3 coins
  • Special(2 stars) 2 coins
  • Common(1 star) 1 coin

You can also get coins from weekly walk rewards, Group quests, and story rewards. Lastly, pets can collect coins for you.

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