Meeting Moomins

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Finding Characters

Moomin location

You can find Moomin Characters on the map in crystal balls like this. Once the circle activates around it, you can enter the location by pressing it. You are more likely to meet characters of the same element as the current area you’re in. Activating a campfire increases your chance of finding a character

Meeting character

Once you have found a character on the map and pressed it, you will enter a Moominvalley location, where you will meet the character.

Pressing “Maybe later” will add the quest to your quest list. This allows you to complete this quest later.

When the “Give now” button is yellow, it means you can pay coins to the trader for you to be able to complete this quest.
If the button is green, this means you have the required items and you can give them to the character for a reward.

Doing quests for characters will increase your friendship level with the characters and the account level.


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