General information

Pets are collectible creatures in Moomin Move found everywhere. Their main task is to help you to do different tasks during your adventure. Only the current active pet will be doing tasks. You can level up your pet to make it stronger and better at doing tasks.

Basic statistics

Name Rarity Element Base Catching Probability
Dragon 3 Water 30%
Bat 3 Air 30%
Cat 2 Ground 40%
Owl 4 Air 25%
Squirrel 3 Forest 30%
Mouse 2 Ground 40%
Creep 5 Ground 15%
Crawly 5 Forest 15%
Hedgehog 2 Forest 40%
Parrot 4 Air 30%
Frog 4 Water 30%

Catching pets

You are able to find pets everywhere around the Moomin valley. Pets like certain elements and can be found the easiest around their preferred element. When you encounter a pet, you may have multiple attempts to capture it before it runs away.

  1. Once you find a pet, touch the pet to begin your attempt to catch it.
  2. The pet will appear in front of you
  3. Tap the pet
  4. A crate will appear and try to keep the pet inside it.
  5. If you are successful, the crate will capture the pet. Watch out, though— Pets can break free from the crate, or even escape.

Collecting chance is displayed on the bottom left of the screen. If you don’t want the pet, you can leave the encounter by tapping the map icon on the top right.

Leveling Up your Pet

Pets are leveled up using pet food. The more you level up your bet the better it gets at activities.

Pets can be leveled up to every 10 lever mark, but then require another pet of the same kind that is on the same level. These pets can be combined to reach a higher level. Your pet’s appearance changes every 10 levels.

Pet activities

Pets have many useful activities they can do:

  • Walking
    • Collects walking meters for you
  • Break rocks
    • Breaks rocks for group challenges
  • Coins
    • Collects coins for you
  • Energy
    • Collects energy for you


Every pet has stats that determine how good the pet is at doing certain tasks:

  • Strength determines how effectively your pet assists you in the “break rocks” group challenges
  • Speed determines how long of a distance your pet can walk for you
  • Agility determines how many berries your pet can collect for you
  • Luck determines how many coins your pet can collect for you

Pet mood

Pet mood defines how happy and effective your pet is. You can increase your pet’s happiness by walking or leveling up your pet.

Mood Effect
Thrilled 50%
Happy 20%
Neutral 0
Sad −60%

Pet food

Pet food is used to level up your pets. The higher your pet level is the more pet food you need to level it up.

Pet food can be obtained in many different ways:

  • Selling pets gives you pet food. The amount of pet food you receive is determined by your pet’s level.
  • Crafting pet food. Pet food can be crafted using two recipes:
    • 10 Orange fish, 10 blue fish, 10 purple fish -> 500 pet food
    • 10 flies, 10 fire ants, 10 pinkybuzz -> 500 pet food
  • Weekly walk rewards. Weekly walks reward chests give you pet food. The higher your weekly walk level is, the more pet food you’ll get.
  • Purchasing pet food using rubies. There are 3 different packages of pet food you can buy:
    • 15 Rubies -> 1000 pet food
    • 75 rubies -> 5500 pet food
    • 300 rubies -> 22 000 pet food




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