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  • My backpack is full. How can I increase my inventory capacity?

    Yes, there are several ways! You gain more inventory slots every time you level up your character. Items such as the backpack can also be equipped to increase the amount of inventory slots. More inventory space can also be purchased with rubies. Alternatively you can sell some of your items to free up some space.

  • I got coins from selling items, where can I use them?

    You can spend your coins, when you are meeting Moomin Characters and you are missing items that are required in the quest.

    When the “Give now” button is yellow, it means that you are missing some items and that you can pay coins to the post man, who will deliver the missing items to you.

  • How can I move in the game?

    You move in the game by walking in the real world. Your movement is detected by GPS, so you need to have your location services on for it to work. In locations like Silja Line cruises, you need to have your Bluetooth enabled for your location to be detected inside the ship.

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  • Will my progress persist, if I use different login on my guest account?

    If you haven’t used the login method before, that you are trying to switch to, the game will try to connect the method to the existing account in the phone.

    If the merging fails, you will get a pop-up that says: “Do you want to switch your account?” In such case you should contact the support to help you transfer your progress.

    You can add in the game settings menu a recovery address to your account, so you can ask to transfer your progress from older account, if such occasion occurs.

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